Scheduling Life (or Trying To Remember What Day Of The Week It Is)

I’m pretty used to my schedule at my day job. I know what days are early days, what days are late days, and when I’ll actually get home with time to do something. But the past few weeks have been off due to the holidays.

I’ve had additional days off (which I’ve loved), early days are late days sometimes, and half days are full days. Starting today, the schedule is supposed to be back to normal, but since we were supposed to be shutting down in a week, I wonder if that is going to change.

I liked the regularity of my schedule. I was able to plan out trips to the grocery store so I’d have food to take to work for my lunch. I was able to figure out when I could workout before work (because after work when you get home at 9pm doesn’t work for me).

I’m at the tail end of the screwy schedule and I’m feeling it. My sleep is off, which could have something to do with staying out super late on New Years Eve. My eating schedule is funny too. I’m not hungry when I know that I should be eating, and when I am hungry, it’s when I’m in the middle of my shift and it’s too hard to eat and make phone calls at the same time. Because my days are not the usual schedule, I’m very confused on what the next day in the week is and have a hard time preparing for it.

I’m hoping that I can get back to usual quickly. I really want to get back on track with everything that I want to accomplish this year. I’m trying not to think about the unknown of what will be happening at work during the time that it was scheduled to be down. If I think about it, I start to stress out and wonder if we are going to show up one day and they just decide that keeping us open year round isn’t worth it.

I’m going forward now as if I am going to work 6 days a week year round. I know what days to shop for food and what days I need to have a plan for dinner before I leave for work. I also know when I can workout (but I’m hoping to find more time in my schedule for that).

Hopefully this will help me get where I need to go and allow me to again find time between everything else to have a life and focus on my real career.


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